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Mid-Night The Golden Soldier has worked on various projects with various t artists. Dont forget to check out the music!

Mid-Night The Golden Soldier


 Mid-Night The Golden Soldier isn’t what the game has been missing; Mid-Night is what the streets have been missing. A Rapper the audience can relate to with a strong delivery of lyrical eloquence.  A Rapper who rhymes about the things
they’ve gone and been through, not the things they’ve wanted but never experienced.  Mid-Night The Golden Soldier is that Rapper.  Laying it all down in his lines, Mid-Night spits the brutal truth with in-your-face bluntness.  Self described as “Beastly co-starring a side of class”, You won’t hear Mid-Night The Golden Soldier tell a tall tale or disrespect a woman that doesn’t deserve it. Recently releasing his 12th Mixtape “I’ll Spit On The Your Grave” Mid-Night is no stranger to the CT & Tri-State audience.  His music has been featured on mixtapes by D.J.’s such as Big Mike, Big Premere, Dj Scoope, kochece and ect.  Venues Mid-Night The Golden Soldier has performed at include The Webster Theatre in Hartford, CT., The Hippodrome in Springfield, MA., and The China Club in New York City. Currently, Mid-Night is working on growing his fanbase in areas beyond his “Hometown” in preparation for the release of his upcoming album.
“The Night The Earth Stood Still” may only be The Golden Soldier’s 3rd album but he has been a Hip-Hop disciple since day one. 22 Years songwriting, 18 years producing, and 8 years engineering make Mid-Night as comfortable behind the soundboard as he is behind the mic.  His experience, both in life and music, provides Mid-Night with most of his subject matter. Favoring his life’s emotions and the way he views the world to write about, Mid-Night sets out to get you to want to listen to what he has to say rather than saying what you want to hear just to be heard.

That being said, Mid-Night is disappointed in what this generation determines to be Hip-Hop.  Mid-Night comes from an era when the lyrics mattered so he puts his soul into his rhymes.  Taking you from the dark spots in his past, to the beauty he looks for in his present, The Golden Soldier sets the stage for you to take a glimpse into his life through his music.  Mid-Night’s emotionally raw writing style, mixed with relevant content, followed up by sarcastic wit, all put over a hard beat is what makes Mid-Night The Golden Soldier nan unstoppable force.  With the recent release of ” I’ll Spit On Your Grave ” and the upcoming release of “The Ressurection Of Hip Hop ” Mid-Night The Golden Soldier is determined to show the world that he is “The greatest rapper living that ain’t made a Mil”. YET.


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Electronic Press kit highlighting Mid-Night The Golden Soldier. Explaining his background and views on the type of music he currently makes and plans to make. Followed by a nice freestyle. Video Credit to Marvin Harris